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10 Sober Things to Do in Denver, Colorado – 5280 The Denver Magazine

10 Sober Things to Do in Denver, Colorado.

Posted: Fri, 20 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

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fun sober activities

Finding ways to fill your free time and connect with people can be a scary prospect when you first enter recovery. At first glance, it seems like every social event involves alcohol and every invite you get is to a happy hour or barbecue. However, once you allow yourself to explore new possibilities, you will quickly realize that having a full, happy sober life is easier than you might think. At Gratitude Lodge in Long Beach our integrated treatment program helps individuals not only heal from addiction, but create a fun sober live they’ve always dreamed of.

Outpatient Treatment

Write it out or talk it out with a friend (or your voice memos app). Get good at crafting mocktails. You can make simple syrups (here are seven unique ones), use your SodaStream, and add beautiful garnishes for the full treatment. Here sober houses in dorchester ma are some fun recipes to start with. Sometimes one of the best ways to get out of your head is to seek out an adrenaline rush. Roller Coasters and other amusement park rides are a great way to get a thrill without any substances needed.

Here are the best 16 ways to say “no” to alcohol [sans awkwardness]

On the same note, there are many children whose parents can’t afford to buy them gifts for the holidays. There are often gift drives at local businesses, religious centers, and community organizations. It can be a fun and heart-warming experience to go out shopping for a child, and you’ll know you’ve made a big difference in someone’s holiday.

  • Many local support groups have their own leagues, and signing up with a support group ensures that you can join a team of like-minded people committed to their sobriety.
  • You can even join a league for a social outlet.
  • Rediscovering your creative side is a great way to find inspiration in sober daily life.
  • You can make a waffle bar, offer fresh-squeezed orange juice, and finally break out that good coffee you’ve been holding on to (better to share with friends, no?).

Sober activities events near Boston, MA

These resources can provide the guidance and support needed to stay on track and avoid relapse. Having good friends by your side and participating in fun, sober activities are crucial in helping you navigate life after addiction. Going through recovery doesn’t mean you have to be alone, and a sober life doesn’t have to equal a boring life. Some larger festivals even have tents dedicated to recovery, where you can meet other like-minded people and find support for your sobriety on-site. The warm days and cool summer nights make camping a popular sober summer activity. And while you can always go alone, many people enjoy their camping experience best when they bring friends or family along.

  • There are so many fun things that you and your friends can get together to do that don’t need to involve alcohol or drugs.
  • Dial into a digital platform and spend the evening crafting with friends.
  • Taking a course in something you’ve always been interested in is an excellent way to fill your time and expand your horizons.
  • The search for fun may be a fun activity in itself.
  • This can include taking baths, journaling, meditating, or going to therapy.
  • Connecting with your creative side can be a great way to do that and a fun sober activity.
  • Large chunks of time with nothing to do can spell disaster if you’re in recovery.
  • Most people don’t operate well on a schedule that offers no free time or wiggle room — it’s simply not healthy.

Find outdoor activities that you actually enjoy to build sober habits that stick. Host one at home with your favorite mocktails or non-alcoholic wines if you don’t want to tempt yourself at the bar. Read something that isn’t your social media.

fun sober activities

Reconnect with friends and family

Support Your Local Sports Team

fun sober activities

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